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Smooth Bore Interlock Hose

Smooth Bore Interlock Hose

Smooth Bore Interlock Hose

The smooth bore interlock hose features interlocking construction with inside metal strip lining. The lining provides the smoothness and minimize the impact with reduced turbulence. This will further helps in the free flowing of materials while conveying. The hose has packing in the interlocks that helps in the reduction in air loss while low pressure requirements.

As fabricated in two portions using two separate pieces of metal, the inner diameter of hose is 1” to 8” . The hose supports uni-directional flow of material with specified inlet and outlet connections.

End Fittings:
The end fittings available for conveyor hoses includes:
" Plain
" Threaded or grooved nipples
" Pipe ends
" Plate flanges(either rigid or floating)
" Quick disconnect couplings
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